Collection: Sleep Bonnets and Turbans

Our satin silk bonnet hair wraps are designed with both style and substance in mind. All of our options are satin lined  as standard giving a great full coverage alternative to silk hair scarves or hair wrap designs.  Rather than wrap hair with scarf why not try satin silk turbans as an easy option to eliminate headscarf tying ? These will protect your hair from root to tip from your bedding and will give a secure option to preserve your hair styles until the morning. Think of these as pretied head scarf options with all of the hard work already done! These have everything you need to sleep well because lets be honest - who doesn't want quicker and easier hair styling in the morning or to see their hair health improve? We certainly do and our satin bonnet hair wraps will do just that. Remember, silk bonnets for sleeping aren't just for curly hair , all hair types will see and feel the benefits. All hair types thrive under less stress and with more tender loving care; we are 100% confident that your hair will too.