Welcome to Hair Wrap Heaven, your destination, one stop shop for all things hair wraps. 

As a black-owned, woman-owned business, we speak from the experience of years and years of wearing hair wraps to bed.  Not only is this a solid part of our culture but this has been part of many of our hair care routines from a very young age. It is a well known and lived experience that the wearing of a hair scarf (otherwise known as Head scarf) hair bonnet, or using a satin pillow case is incredibly beneficial to your hair health. 

Knowing what we know about the benefits of covering your hair when going to bed, we present Hair Wrap Heaven. This is the place where EVERY hair type, EVERY hair texture and EVERY hair length can find a hair wrap solution that works. We believe the benefits of this simple hair and beauty solution will be so convincing that if you haven't already, you will adopt the use of a hair wrap in your hair care regime for years to come. 


Good hair days are on the way. 

Cue reduced split ends and breakage due to friction against conventional bedding, cue your hair retaining its natural oils for better hair shaft health BUT, less greasy scalps (Yes-we know! So good right?). Cue your hair styling efforts no longer being in vain! Get more days wear from your blowouts, ballerina buns, bantu's and braids. And the great thing? These are so easy to wear! The feedback has been that our valuable customers have seen benefits within weeks of wearing a hair wrap versus not wearing one. Can we get a Hallelujah?! 

We know what regular good hair days look like and we have never looked back. Are you ready to see what consistent good hair days look like for,, you?