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Sleep Well Satin Elastic Hair Wrap - Teal

Sleep Well Satin Elastic Hair Wrap - Teal

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The "Sleep Well" hair wrap and scrunchie set is designed to give you an easy and chic sleep solution to help protect your hair at night and with the elastic head scarf tie , this just made headscarf tying a whole lot easier!  

Our premium satin fabric used for this design is noticeably superior to general satin products on the market and the benefits of these are very quickly seen when worn to bed regularly

Pretty jewel Teal blue colour .

Available in elastic and tie options -

Elastic head scarf tie fits head circumference of 21.75" - 23".  Tie version fits head circumference of 20-26". 

Suitable for all hair types and textures, curly hair will find this particularly beneficial to 'plop' and 'pineapple' hair thanks to the head scarf design.

Deep band provides great hair coverage; extra deep option also available for those with very full hair. 

Use as an alternative to a satin bonnet hair wrap or silk bonnets for sleeping. Also an easy-to-wear option instead of sleep head scarves.

This sleep scarf for hair wrap design provides full coverage for the back and sides of your hair to gently protect hair while sleeping. Easy to wash and care for, these hair wrap sets are packed with benefits including:

  • Helps hair to retain natural oils improving the overall health of your hair
  • Reduces friction minimising frizz, split ends and breakage
  • Enhances the benefits of your hair products allowing your hair to absorb them rather than your pillow.
  • Protects hair from moisture sapping bedding
  • Helps preserve your hairstyles for longer 

Wear on dry hair.

Machine washable. 

Designed and made in the UK

100% polyester silk wrap for hair.

The back of it was much wider than I had anticipated (I'm not sure what I was expecting!), but this isn't an issue since it means more of your hair is covered! In fact the whole back and sides of my head is covered. I got the elastic version which sits comfortably around my head and, most importantly, doesn't slip off during the night. It does slip around my head a little, though, but that's to be expected, especially with satin. But that definitely isn't a problem. Sleeping with this makes a noticeable difference to the frizziness of my curls, especially the night after washing. I also love the matching scrunchie! Many thanks for the product. - Jennifer
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Customer Reviews

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Carrie Matlock

So so so cute and comfortable to sleep with


Really loved this!

Julie Goldman
Love these

I was looking for a hair wrap that didn't make me look stupd :) These are adorable - especially the one with the elastic. I wish they made the bigger one with elastic too. I can tell the difference in my hair in the morning - great design - very nice people that respond to emails!

It stayed on!

This gorgeous scarf, is not beautiful, the satin is so thick yet soft and it stayed on all night long! It stayed on so well that when I awoke up the first morning after wearing it I had to double check it was still on! I absolutely love it!!