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Sleep Well Satin Elastic Hair Wrap - Deep Mauve

Sleep Well Satin Elastic Hair Wrap - Deep Mauve

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Our 5 star rated satin "Sleep Well" hair wrap is designed to give you an easy and chic sleep solution to help protect your hair at night. 

This satin hair wrap adaptation provides full coverage for the back and sides of your hair to gently protect hair while sleeping. With handy head scarf ties we can confidently wave goodbye to head scarf tying drama. 

Our noticeably premium satin product adds an unmatched luxurious touch to this man madep silk wrap for hair. These have the perfect balance with fabric that is gentle on tresses whilst being very easy to look after. There are so many benefits to wearing a satin hair wrap at night including:

  • Helps hair to retain natural oils improving the overall health of your hair
  • Reduces frizz
  • minimises the friction that leads to split ends and breakage
  • Enhances the benefits of your hair products allowing your hair to absorb them rather than your pillow.
  • Helps your hair and scalp restore balance giving you hydration rather than grease.
  • Protects hair from moisture sapping bedding
  • Helps preserve your hairstyles for longer

Key hair wrap features include:

  • Deep Mauve satin wrap for hair. 
  • Elastic band option to fit head circumference of 21.75" - 23". Tie option also available
  • Machine washable
  • Designed and hand made in the UK by Natalie Anderson Makes
  • Suitable for all hair types and textures,
  • curly hair types who like to 'plop' and 'pineapple' will find this particularly beneficial thanks to ease of wear and styling .
  • Deep band provides great hair coverage. 
  • Good for short, mid and longer length hair types. Those with very thick hair should consider the extra deep option.
  • Use as an alternative to a satin bonnet hair wrap or silk bonnets for sleeping. Also an easy-to-wear option instead of sleep head scarves.
  • 100% premium polyester
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