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Sleep Well Satin Pillowcase - Champagne

Sleep Well Satin Pillowcase - Champagne

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My daughter requested one of these for Christmas. She was delighted to receive this pillow case, liked the colour, and says that she can tell a difference in her hair (less breakage) and her skin is clearer all because of the pillow case. Very pleased. - Jeanne


Love this pillow case. Good quality and lovely to sleep on. - Claire


Our "Sleep Well" satin pillowcase is a great bedtime solution to support your beauty and hair care routine.  Not all satin is created equal and we have gone to lengths to provide you with a premium satin product where you will be able to feel the difference. Measuring 20" x 28", our pillowcases are packed with benefits such as:

  • Promotes smoother skin - unlike cotton, satin allows your skin to slide rather than rub against your pillow
  • Encourages softer skin - satin doesn't absorb the skins natural oils therefore allowing your skin to keep them!
  • Moisturised, smoother hair - like your skin, satin will not absorb the hairs natural oils so rather than suck away the goodness, your hair glides against the pillow giving you smoother hair. No more bed head 
  • Reduced hair breakage - unlike our pillowcases' cotton counterpart, satin avoids friction between your hair and pillowcase therefore meaning less breakage.
  • Hair styles last longer - your tresses can gracefully slide against your pillow giving your hair styles and blowouts longevity
  • Healthy lashes- your eyes benefit from less friction too as well as reduced shedding and moisture loss

Champagne Nude colour

Measures approx. 50cm x 72cm

Handmade in the UK.

100% polyester silk pillowcase


**Please note that for darker colours there is a risk of colour transference over continued use. If in doubt please consider using a pillow protector with your new satin pillowcase.



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CynthIa A
Great quality!

Feels so luxurious and silky. The colour is gorgeous too.